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Classified Advertisements. 




ed Advertisements 


6 to 12 BEACH STREET. 



. Bill Posting Plant, not less Ihan 25JJ00 
lubiMugu- A*ore««.^ aIlmMtai Mont 

Blending & French, tbe Bill Posters 

Trenton. N. J. The Qreat Inter- 
num) Fair loo. Uulld Mnlrbeld, Seo'y. 

null liinintiuleraot l-uinum, L'ouu 

Advertise In the Copper Country! 

AW UcM.r>. bin |MW Houghton. Jlreb 



Horral Bros-, Washington, Ind. 

gill PuHtrrs and Dh.l-lhi.tMH 

Western Bill Posting Co., Salt Lake 
i;iiy, Utah. Hill rosier* and Bill Writers. 



Write ior New Catalogue. 
The Donaldson Litho. Co. 


Falranda *B.-aA»n. Dr. b. D. Bait. Bee* 
Fair Bills and Posters. 

The DON ALlJHON UTUO CO, Cincinnati 

The Ciirrsn Bill Posting; and Distrt- 

BlUboard ^Advertising, for Fairs. 

Bngb Vanee, City Bill Poster and 

Distributer Kelerencea Efnntunm. Ills. 

Shedman Bros.' Ku no- Drome. A 

1m.fiBBR1r.4r- mmmm 

John A. Lakin, Clg^Blll Postep^ ^ 


prove at 


Evausville, lad., lias population ot 

76.000 litiOVia,BMiit posting. 

The Oshkosh BU^PosUnj^Co^CUj 

Chatham Bm ^astin K^^A ^* n 

in an ™f (jr., cnathaui. Out. 
The Summit Clij J ^Jil J ua Po " eI,s • 

T»c Komlcll Bow' Frltnd 

A monthly Paper pohlishecl for tbe ben- 
efit of ihe Homeless Boys of Cincinnati 
50c. per year. Address 

184 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati. 
Wrwr. yon writ*, mention Bl&oer* Ad.tniaioi. 

Harry W. Curtin, City Bill Poster, 
The Elgin Bill Posting-, Advertising 

nsx gasbag,. 

Billtjaara Advertising Is a Journal 

loradyerU-e™. (iooo lli.os-pusb II aloof; 

(1 P Fairphilfl CITY b,LL P0STtR - 

U. T. lailbllllU, Dlsllilllto Jlid Itefar. 

Covington, Mild ale. West Covington, Ludlow and Furronndlngs. 

10 East Fifth Street, COVINGTON. KY. 


Spaelal Attention Given to 


IC la 70 ESSt RIDIb Slreet, UJCi HflflTI , 0. 

I Write Bills aud Posters. 

M^fi KUKl'-CAKKEU. Uajton. Kl- 

Saro. M. Dawson; Gait House, Cin- 
cinnati^ O. Prepares Descriptive Posit rs 


Descriptfve ane- Pictorial Po&xzrs, 



— lamiiwh, 

Y 2LC0. 

A Badly Written Bill is Worse than 

noblllntall. Try in o. Terms reasonable 
ap-86. O. P. McHE.xBY, Newport. K>- 

C. H. Hesiog, MS^RacB, Cincinnati, 
Pointers For Bill W^ 18 ™^, — lbem 

The Largest Advertising Firm in the World. « . ■ , ■- 

MAIN OFFICE. 4 . bnrse tl. FHcbeti. 

28 Johnson St., Brooklyn J 5!M y !iL sEnr" 




tats, nasi, E». 

Sam S. Dawson, 

Hr»=k'» "Per- House, Olnelnnati, O 

G. B. Hartford. 

Fountain Theatre. Cincinnati. O. 

American j 
Bill Posting eo. 


Brooklyn and Long Island. 



HOBf-^, ypjj** J^STSS^E opiate 

D. C. Advertising Bureau, 

Ht.aron. Mercer Cm. Pa-, urould llle to 

All Kinds 'or Advertising Hat'er 

■nr. - l . !. - ■ :irumpt. Beteren.ce 

w'. P a. a SKTabreSrierf M* VIM, Cincinnati. 

J. H. Lane & Co.. Evansville, Ind. 
does DISLrifmllus- 317>4 t in,! street. 

Distributers, Advertise ! 

In Bilijkiabd adv&ktisisg. We reach 
all me iarr;e adrcrtlsenj strictly Iccltl- 


Cedar Shingles 

MONTAGUE 4 -MUGS, Falrbaren, Wash. 

> Ointrnllins ALL BUI Boards and Adver- 
* ttslng Spaces In Brooklyn, Wllllamsburgb. 
Mta»^a ■„«,,. A»^B. .11.1 4- New York, Oreen point, Long Island 
* Bedford A^enae. L. L * City, Jamaica and Adjacent Towns. 

* a .;„ ( *,. , m -w mttS t l! . N ,y.t gull p rnm j nEnt nj||L 0ai[ j r EnEES 


mm % tmtmmm 

ADtEITIIERI ■■■iieis 

MMH CH*S.H. HES1NS, H*,*"^. 
•UMtmiPTIOM BO OMM a Yeer. 

JBTHboard q dygrtrsirig. 


'.j§ c" S 









if it 


itsoeialad Bill Posters' At*toeiali»» 


Ed. A. SUhlbrodt. Representative. 

.- «F THE 

Lloyd-. ...Waahlneton, B 

tmlaCer, B. E ..^RIIRIk 


W,11ian, U. Donaldson, president and 
uoder o( tbe widely knowo lithograph 
S boose -bieh bears his name, -a. 
in in Cinci] 

<•■. O March nit.. .Sio, 

■ad is ■ qneotl) now in bis filty-fiflb 

year Tbe pbotograpb from wbicb our 
t at was made, was lafceo only a few »«kt 
since, and is a splendid likeness of tbe 
original. Mr Donaldson is entirely a 
self. made man. having lost his father 
while he was yet a babe and bis motber 
dying when he was eight yars of age 

ed Into bis busy life as usually falls to 
tbe lot of halfadoienmen;be baa made 
and lost -tnil for t an e*. and b 
the head of (be Donaldscn Litt 

populars printing offices in 

This greatconcern was founded by Mr 
Donaldson in 1*63, and has ever since 


agencies in New York, Chicago and San 
Francisco, and branch offices in Austra- 
lia and England, the latter of which was 
established by Mr. Donaldson last. year, 
he making a special trip to Great Britain 

Cleorge Leonard the bill poster, of 
Grand Rapids, MiclL. is doing al] tbe 
advertising for the Powers Opera House 
and is doing it so weli, that -there is no 
like'ibood of a change. George attended 
the billposters' convention, here a short 
time ago, and was welcomed "by n great 
many "troupe"- people. 

Tbe mayor of Boston will 

George H — .Ornud Bapios, Mieh. 

Mr. E. T. H EVER IN, 
A splendid likeness of whom appeared 
in our January number, Is the senior 
member of the Louisville Bill Posting 

President of tbe A B A. Asso- iaiioo. 
Being a practical man. be has piloted 
the bosloess for Ibe past sixteen years 
to success. Mr. Heverin is energetic and 
alive to all business improvements, genial 
in his manners, a quiet man in political 

ten* that his advice and assistance ia al- 
ways sought, be m 


in all [ 

'for a big anr 
rin being pro 


Whose picture appears above, was born 
in Cincinnati, Ohio. March 1. 1831, went 
Covington, Ky, in 1S42. At the age of 
sixteen he learned tbe cooper trade, at 
which be worked until 1S6&, when his 
health failed, and being advised by his 
doctors to do out door work, be Commen- 
ced cwrying the daily papers, and in 
conjunction posted a few bills oil small 
fences, averaging about two dollars per 
week for long time. While pursuing 
this occupation, he became acquaimed 
with Mr. Jos. Havlin, father of the now 
frmons thea'rical man 
security for nmber to built himself. From this si 
beginning bas built up a substantial I 

one of whom has worked for him n 
teen years, which goes to show thai 
does first-class work. He now hasi 
7,500 running <eet of b'll boards, 11 
U feet high, also a large nnmbe. 
three sheets, and about 7,000 rune 

the Commercial Club, i: 

is a member of 
, chairman of an 
reception of the 
G. A R. Encampment in L 

He bas taken a 
Bill rosters' A 
pride in being the organizer for tbe 
Southern States, and has worked un- 
tiringly to building up the State Asso- 
ciations and assisting the A. B. P. A 


the attitndeof the press always 
o the hill boards? They make 
and promote industry. Any- 
thing that does this, helps the newspapers 

He is 
the e[< 

Mr. Fairehild is highly 
both Cincinnati and Co*." 

Aa others see us, through the medium 
of British spectacles. 

From America we have received what 
,c "may- term "our other sell" 

a title which sounds strange in our 

ears, but it is realy tbe American Bill- 
poster. The first number was issued on 
November 1st and a very interesting, 
bright, and sanguine journal it is Tbe 
style of its comments are too piquant for 
our more phlegmatic tcmpermcnt to 
fnllv appreciate, but to those who ate 

iin the know " thev ate doubtless all the 
more imerestinir It is illiiaira'ed very 
finely, is puMished at Cincinnati, Ohio 
and the price per copy is 10 cents The 
subscription for a year is 90 cents. Many 
of the Americau billposters take -ur 
publication, and it may be that >ome of 
our friends would like to take in the 
American organ of the trade. If so, thev 
will know where to obtain it, or we should 
be pleased to supply them with i- each 
month if they make their wishes known 
to us -The Bill foster, pubUshsd in 
London, England. 

A Poster Show, that is tc say, an exhv 
ition of posters, probably tbe finest ever 
^tn in ibis country. was held in Buffalo 
last week, undei the auspices of the 
- \rtists. 

s ua some 1 
[ ulars. and the catalogue with its B™— 
-" "ley illustrations in green, purle, white, 
which contains a description of 13S pos- 
ters; this including tbe collection recent- 
ly shown at the Grolier Club in New 
York. These latter were obtained 
through the courtesy of Geo. DeiForrest 
and are mainly French in design and 

Mr. Kirk, agent of the Carmeneita Cig- 
ars, was in the city recently, and closed 
a contract with the Curran Bill Posting 
Co , for bill posting, they have just fin- 
ished a contract for painting io,o» 
square feet of wall ard fence s lg ns. 
Brown Bros., tbe owners, are advett.stng 
in the wes teri country very hea vy. 
' General Dave Wheeler, one of the fin- 
est of all agents and t 

Mr Turk, agent ol the Old 1 
Cigarettes, just arrived from New York, 
be bas been spending th hohd.ys. 








James H. Hennecan. M anager 


'-arimg Ojir. W at Amirirti* Adirr'- 

No. II West Eighth Street. Cincinnati. Ohio. 

Many bill posters who are members of eiisl opon which to snstlia the charges 
the Protective League of American Show- of discourtesy. 

men attended ttie second eonoal Con- # v 

vrntlon of thai body, and maniireted the * 
keenest Interest in the pi 
deliberations. It;' is to be 1 
more of the members of the 
identify themselves with the 

nal meeting- The 
interestsof the showmen and the bill 

id the fin 

first-claw style : is the twst Matt at an tn- 

Tbere is an old saying that has i': "The 
best wsy to secure the respect of others 
is to respect ydnrself." and by thU some 
token, the best way t > excite the interest 
of others, it to get inte'esled yourself 

intaining the firm name and 
33 of the city bill poster 
it every billboard that he 
.owns Too much stress cannot be laid 
upon the importance of this measure 
The same idea can be supplemented hy 
the use ot one-sheets, containing a catch- 
. line wCh-firm name and office address 
The following iew. sl iggi>stious. will illus- 
trate the idea: , 

Dan. F. Cline, Manager of the Peoria 
B-ll Posting-Co., recently attached Jn 45 
worth of medicine in a wholesale drug 

l.roueht in o: 

nun of f 13 25. for bill posting, due Mr. 
Cline from The Rocky Mountain Medi- 
cine Co., of St Louis Mo . and which he 

The best is the cheapest 
the hill boards affor-l the ch 
of all advertising mediums. 

A. B. Means, city bill poster of Wash- 
ington; Pa., regards Billboard Advir. 
T15INC as a solicitor of more than ordiu 

The Price advertising Co .ofToronto, 
Ont.. have ordered twenty-five subscrip- 
tions of Billboard advertising for 

i* license, at Newark, 

All you have 
guessed about tlie 
value of posters 
may be wrong. 

I'd like to talk it 
over witkyo*. • 



Advertising Spsce t 
.Tola Billboard. 


City Bill Poster. 
319 SMITH ST. 


And 'Posters (Pay 
'Best of All, 

It you care to argue the 
mailer, call on or address 

City Bill Foster. 19 

« and exliorbitant licenses. Every 
- town or city that possesses ao ordinance 
of this character, is a town which show. 

men naturally prefer to stay out of. and 
this strikes deeply at the very root of the 
business of the bill poster of that city. 

The Associated Bill Posters' Associa- 
tion which convened the day following, 
was well attended, and many of the mem- 

work accomplished. A detailed account 
of the proceedings is given io another 
column. It is to be deplored that a feel- 
ing of soreness made its appearance 
among the showmen, over the fact that 


They se 

open to the bill posters and invited them 
to participate in their deliberations, that 
the bill pollers were gnilty of a direct 
and flagrant violation of courtesy in 
pursuing the course they did. A little 
thought would have enabled the agrieved 
parties to have avoided the unpleasant- 
ness. No hill posters attended Ehr Pro- 
tective Leagne Convi 
members of that o _ 
member* as fully entitled to attend • 
n there- It would si 

; how t lienors 

oracle Mayor i 

a remarkable conclusion. 1 The am. 
in question is entirely insignil 
woold no more prevent tegitmafe com- 
petition that half or quarter the amount . 
It would however prevent irresponsible 
people who possess no more capital than 
the amount involved in the purchase ofa 
brush and backet, from annoying rot 
only a legitimate firm, r-nt the public at 

We have been honored with the ap- 
pointment of Official Organ to the Associ- 
ated Bill Posters' Association A resolu- 
tion to that effect having been introduced 
at the recent convention by Mr. Burl 
Chapman and carried ananamously 

In acknowledging the compliment con 
veyed"by the appointment, we will only- 
state that we shall always endeavor to 
prove worthy of the confidence renosed , 
inns, and will lose no opportunity to 
to advance the interests and aims of the 
A. B. P. A. 

I> this connection too, we desire to 
sav that our columns are open to the 
officers and members of all state organi- 
= firm believers in the 
efficiency of all trade association*, sod 
always ready lo lend our aid to any 

.d Iwsides being good "'trade j 
-e use inl to dress up the boa 
;ep"iuem from becoming fra; 
gged Then, ton, there is nothing tli 
"icrs .believe in the value o 

yourself believe irj them. 

THE CurrstJ Bill Posting Co. have 
ordered another lot of our three months 

subscriptions. ... 

t. there is 

ipt as pos 

e talf as profitable. 


P a y 

, Promptly. 

Call on er addrttl 


City Bill PusUr, 219 Smith St 

I know something about 
their advertising value. 
If you want to talk it over 
;caU qn or addres's,. , 


Gtty gill Poster. 

If y .u are not a good solicitor, and 
do not 'are 10 hire one. try Bii.i.boabij 
ADVr.RTIStKC.. Twelve three months' 
subscriptions for a dollar, 

CONSTa.1T HEADER.— Ettbrr is cor- 

1m Boston, hereafter, theatre posters 
which d -splay the female form clad in 
tights Will not be permitted to be posted 
on Boston billboards until the committee 
on licenses of the board of aldermen 
have approved of the same. Thfa is the 
result of the recent crnsade against the 
theatrical posters, which has been goiiig 

Billboard ^dvgrt?sfr]g . 

The Associated Bill Pos- 
ters' Association. 


First Dav— 1:30 o'clock Session. 
President R. C. Campbell in the chi 
Present, R. C. Campbell, Chicago; 
Ballard Carroll, Secretary, Albany, *<. 
■Ed. A. Stablbrodt, Chairman Execut 

i Y -: 9 

g, General Contracting Agent 

ifiedourNew York represen- 
Slablbrodt, the nature and 
- work lo be posted, for what 
"on, and thi 

Carried sheets and slands of the saic 

oal character foranyper- Mr. Sanford H. Robinson sends us the 
without first 

Mr. Burl Chapman moved that we adopt 
that friend of the bill puster— Billboard 
Advertising— as our official journal. 

Andlhatthe thankso! this Association """^ 7J™ ^^^SJm^b ios " bis '"""V, and, if tie paper i 

be tendered to Mr. Jas. H. Hennegan. a f t S™d. 'h«e is lots of other interesting 

staling, General Contracts Agent M-ager for the elaborate treatment of l^^* 1 ??" °™e"ader. 

Vork T. J. Murphy. I Lyuk '» ' SSUt °' *« to that effect from our New York repre- ^ & 

.Brooklyn ; C. M.Wbitmier, Buffalo, H.Y.; "2"? " Umb "- ,8 » sentative. It . ^mendous help to pithv news- 

W.J. McAllister, Tray. N. Y ; Geo. H 4- And farther be it paper argument to have the name of the 

'Leonard, Grand Rapids, Mich ; W. H- Mr. T. J. Murphy moved thai the Sec- Resolved, that on and after February Jg^da erecting the eyes of the people 

.Walker, Detroit, Mich.; F. R. Fitigerald' relaly be instructed to notify all mem- isr, 1895, each member or this Asrojia- from ^ waU ^ (n lraTe j 

^Milwaukee. Wis ; Chas Heveriu. Louis- hers in arrears, that unless all indebted- tion shall p-> s onlj one commission or ^ ci[v . b(we it sa , n|e the „.'.«> 

.Ml.. bT.. - IT II T.-rn.-r C r, r! , n . I", e M O nper frtr vMrlvHnH rn th,'* * i n t, nn it dicnnnt *ir. an,- V Q riAn,l u-iM-lr )v miv b - - ... . 

ville, Ky.; H- H. Tyner, Springfield, O nesf for yearly due 

Chaa. Bryan, Cleveland, O ; John Chap- liquidated on or before March 1st, 1895. receive and that the same shall be paid hjonoc^r"™ " ' 

man Co. Cincinnati, O ; Jos. Fnrstbrook they shall be stricken from the roll. to our New York representative, in the Last and best of all (if it is a propriet- 

Toronto, Can ; and several members of Carried, sum often percent on all work received article) the very acme of help is 

Slate Association. Mr. J. Ballard Carroll, Chairman of the of a National character. obtained if there is a bulletin board on 

Minutes of the last Special Convention Committee on New York Office, reporte'l All of whichis respectfully submitted the side wall of the retail snore where 

held at New York City, October loth and a* follow*; J. Ballard Carroll, Secy. fc „ M , d „ Ml , the -s^ 

17th, 1894, read for information.' Having carefully studied your wishes B Lvkk. b . bt al m timF and lace where , 

Th- brrpl« v r-,^ M,n nil fnr SwriRl relating to the manins of an office in n-F.o. M LEONhBD. . . - . _ 1 «. _ 

The Secretary read the call for Special relating to the opening of an office in Gno. M Leonard, 

Convention now in session. the city of New York, and coinciding R. C Campbell. 

PresidentCatnpbelland.Mr.Stiiblbrodt with your views," this committee would Upon motion, the Chairman 
fully explained the benefit lo be 

which interest, Mr. Stablbrodt 

ities recently to Associated Bill Posters' Association o I proprietors and general agents of circus- ^ ["^ fl ^ d V iu R] 

receive their endorsement. me united states ana Lunw, in special es ana requesting mem 10 use our mem- Everv new advertiser that enters the 

A general discussion was indulged in Convention assembled, appreciating the bers in preference to opposition bill fic]d of , blicit u bis verJ , demand 

by all-present, and lasted until adjourn- importance of equipping and maintaining posters. for it. increases the cost of space and also 

men t at 5:30 o'clock Recess taken until an office and official headquarters of this The thanks ofthe Association through maies SDace valuable- for the more 

8:00 P.M. Association, for thepurpose of encour- President Campbell, was encased to shouli .? CoalK an d buy 

n,. Ji„„.c.„ n upon the agree- ing bill bdbtfl fflveTthiiifs, and to more Mr. Ed. A. Stahlbrodt for hi spa in slaking of „ e " lbe Iouder tue „\, e mos - 

1 taken up and the fully enable us to systematically organ- ! -* 

with the work of theEx- iie the business 01 0111 posung mr me 

ecntive Committee, ratified. control of a better and healthier service 

The nest order of business was the ad- to the patrons of bill board advertising, 

visability o floating a permanent office Therefore be it 

of this Association, in New York city. Resolved that the Chairman of the 

The matter received » unanimous assent Executive Committee, Ed. A Stahlbrodt, 

and upon motion, the President appoint- be, aud the same is, hereby instructed to 

ed the following committee to draft res- procure suitable offices for the purposes 

otntions setting forth Ihe most feasible above set forth, or for any other benefits 

plan for accomplishing the same; via.: to this Association, in said city of New 

York, at once The expenseof fitting up preciation of mine host, L. F. Hunt and 
and maintaining the same to be borne by with reason for a more genial pleasant 
and at the espense of the members of and all around good fel'ow does not ex 
At 10:30 o'clock Ihe session adjourned Association. And be it further tst. 
to Thursday, 9 A. M The committee at Resolved, that the President of the Contrasted with the treatment accord- 
ance going into session. Association be, and the same is, he'eby ed them by the grasping management of 
siosNivr. session, secohb cav. instructed to enter into a contract with the Continental Hotel of Philide'phia 
mpbellin the chair. the aforesaid Ed. A Stahlbrodt to take on a similiar o :casion, ths memte s feel 

Mr. Ed. A. Stablbrodt moved that the charge of the same. , that Mr Hunt is entitled lo special men in ™*"^ York pape" contain. "any in- 

Secretarybe instructed to set aside a 2. Be it Resolved, That Ihe members tion and Billboard is glad to 

formation in regard to the price 

page of the minutes to the n<emory of of this Association be assessed pro rata f«t- . '. {oT admission, arid several have nothing 

onr deceased brother. John McQuigg, according to population of their respec- tn indicate when the perform 

Ironton, O. And that he tendes the tive cities to create a fund for the guar A FOSSILIZED ART CRITIC 

aympathy of this Association to our de- ante* aud use in maintenance of the Speaking at ihe meeting of Porosis re 

ceased member's widow aodr*m»il ; . aforesaid ■>*■ - in New Virk cily. not to ceo ilv 00 the sohjeet of pastels. Mr 

Mr. Joseph Furstbrook asked that Ibe exceed tne loial sum of sereot. five ban- Cbap ey. the art critic, ohibi'ed a copy 

membentbin of Mr. Joseph Priceb* troos died dollars l(>;.ion), for the term of one of the famous "Bel'e Chorolaliri'" of 

ferred In Ihe Price Ad. mising l".,n. pan >, year from dale 1741. and remarked that the fact of its 

Toronto, Ont Reiolt-e.1. that in case any members having been used time and again as an 

Request granted. neglecting to pay Ibetr proportionate ail' ef 11 semen I took all Ihe pleasure ont 

Mt. Geoige M. Leonard morcd ibal Ibe share toward the ubjecti above serionh, of it foc.bim. SuitK Mr. Cbatnpney 

action taken at the AuuualConvrntionat lor any rcasoo. by Febiuaiy 1st. tEoj, should have remeiobeied thai a recent 

Philadelphia July lasl. relating 10 bold then all moneys accumulated over and axbibitton held at Paris has shown Ibal Montana is gelling her share of Bill 

ing our next annual convenlion at St. above Ihe amount necessar) todefra> Ibe n.anj n.e.. ol conspicuous geoi.a a,e at ' „^ ■ is ^ Xtnix<iry 

ty-..i. t.. ^.-,~.i,U.,,l .t>1,. Bwilull bilMWI — ~ ...^.wl ,~ ,h~ "induction of r-OSIing at pmcui, ^ 5 _ .. , * 

Louia, be rcivoeidcrcd. expenses of the same shall he divided pro piesrnl engaged 

Co.ried. rat« B becomerespoo. charming po«ers full of feeling and \Z ' - • • 

Mr W.K Walker inviied the A»soci«- sible for Ibr umleriaking of the slr.n K il. The -how ran lie Salon itself <-'K a " ut ' _ « ^ __• 

tlou to bold its next annual convemioo sum. close in in'eresl. and yet all the pictures 

■t Detroit, Mich., nevt July 9th, lot b aud 3. And be it further were part of advertisements.— M. )'. 

1 1 til, and ODon motion same wasaccepted Resclved. that trom and on and afier Evening Sun. 

February ist, 1S95. members of thi* 

for Adverti-ers 10 wrt in The Admiral 

Mr. Philip Oliver of Findlay, was 01 
ofthe members of the Ohio State Ass. 
ciation present at the conventioc 

-.. Association, and of State Association*, O. P Fairchild, the veteran bill post- ' 

le husband, to member- holding Charters from this, the As*oci- er, of Covington, was as bappv as a school Bill TWe.s can look for a big boom in 

is Association. aled Bill Posters" Association, of the boy during the convention, meeting businessin tbespring, every thing poini. 

United Slates and Canada, shall not post mauy of Ins old frieuds to a revival of trade , 


Bfllboafd ^dVgftTs^ g. 


John P. Lyons, in the Spatula. 
It cannot be questioned— we are all 
fond of picture*. This is one of the juv- 
enile joys that cling* to a man till he ia 

. Now Ihe wily advertiser 
is always on the lookout for universal 
huHM wealf neases.and ready to make the 
most of them. Hence, illustrated adver- 
tisements. But there are two kinds of 
pictures, and while the one serves the 
advertiser's purpose admirably, the other 

t ia this : the illustration should 
posses intrinsic interest, beauty, senti- 
ment of humor, something that initself 
appeals to the eye. And the second rule 
which is even more important than the 
first, in this : the picture should be ger- 
mane to the article advertised ; it should 
if dossil.le, 

beautiful ; he arouses oo pleasing senti* 
ment, there is no element of humor in 
the picture, and if the test were taken 
away, and one bad to supply ibe 

, l„-f..r 


- Billy Bennett is evidently doing 
work for the Grand Opera House 
Tfork, ns that place of nmusem' 
doing a fine business. Billy is p 

would guess a yea 
on chewing gum 

I remember another illustration. Some 
manufacture™ of planters devo'ed the 
greater part of their ad to the pict- 
ure of four or five dogs This was an 

ways appeals to every well ordered mind. 
But the advertisement lacked the great 
essential— there was absolutely no asso- 
ciation, which anyone could fathom, be- 
tween the dogs and the plasters. Any- 
one glancing at the advertisement hur- 
riedly— and that's the way the central 
public takes in its advertising— wo nld 
naturally suppose that this was a kenuel 
rdogbreadad:tbatitbad anything todo 

of the kind that is given to "jollying" 

"Rocky" Moore gave "Eight Bells" a 
great showing when they played the 
Academy of Music, Jersey City. ''Rocky'' 
is all O. K, and has ■ move on him all the 
time. He knows Jeney City backwards. 

W. J. Woodie is Hughey Kernan's 
right hand bower in the way of billing 
the Lyceum Theatre, Washington, D. C 

r the 

ailments, could 

what sort of a picture is 
sort is a misfit, is to select a Tew of each 
kind Take, for instance, the picture 

extensively of late -at leaat aronnd Bos- 
ton hy the Metliu a Food people This 
is simply a handsome lithograph of 

direct it 10 

advertised. To get the reader's atten- 
tion and then veer it off in the wrong 
attract it and then distract 
it, is as bad as never getting it at all. 
Yonr pietuae must not only catch the eye 
it must catch it for you When you go 
fishing you will find bail a highly useful 
commod.ty- but only where there's a 
hook iuside It 

sided affair. Now it takes a combination 
of two or three houses to get as good a 
showing .us he docs, and, if all reports 
are true, a good deal of dirty work is 
being done. But, Tommie, stick to them. 
Application, experience and brains are 
bonud to win. 

.ucu|i.miHi ojcirdtoard 
Now there's only one word on the whole 
advertisement; that is "MellinV bnt it 
d«an't take a very acute mind to pnt ibe 
word and the child together and get the 
the whole story Even if one has never 
heird of "Uellin'a Food,"he'l] know tha 
whatever "Wellin'a" is, it is something 
g.>od for children, and if he has any 
children, he will begin toinquire about it 

I recently noticed in the magazine* 
tittle pictorial ad, fairly illustrative of 
this subject. It is an oil stove ad of the 
A. C. Barter Mfg Co , of Chicago. There 
are two little tots, decollete to the soles 
of their feet, standing in front of the 

the stove, and that, of course, is i the 
whole object of the advertisement, 'f be 
picture not only attracts your attention, 

ago, and also atated that he tor*, an 
:llent record sa an advertising sgent. 
Al Beaumont, of Ch : cag-, takes ex- 
ceptions to the notice, and asks: "When 
and where Gen Irish got his reputation 

Mr. Beaninont, we would state that Geo. 
Irish was an advertising agent of reputa- 
tion when Beaumont was a waiter in a 
restaurant in Chicago, and that while we 
admit-that- we erred in the statement aa 
to Irish being connected with the Schil- 
ler Theatre at the present lime, he was 

there during the time Mr. Temple was 
the manager, and he waa also the adver- 
tising agent of the Anditorinm when 
Mr Beaumont had his "difficulty" with 
Mr David Henderson The writer of 
tbis article has known both parties for 
Ihe oast fourteen years, and never before 
yoiie question the abiliiy of 
Geo. Irish If Mr Beaumont desins. we 
will pnblish bis record and the reason ■ 
why he left the Chicago Opera House- 
It is not the intention of the editors of 
Billboard advurXiSIjio to score any- 
one, bnt rather to say pleasant things of 

ing is concerned, and he goes about bis 
work, in a pleasant manner that wins 
him many friends. 

J. R Simmons, of the London Theatre, 
New York, is cutting a wide swath amonii 
the Bowery billers, and his house 
to be pretty well represented at all times. 

In hia 

district, but he holds his , 


that popular playbom 

Geo. Focke has resigned as advertising 
agent of the GrlrwOld Opera House, 
Troy, N. Y. His old assistant has taken 
charge, and George is looking aboot for 

Barney Link was in town last wreksnd 
hiswhiskerswerealhingofjoy. Barney 

genial subject of this sketch, of 
a faithful likeness appears above, 
I such a varied career in his long 

atricsl business, that we scarcely know 
where to begin and when to end. 

His first venture into the theatrical 
business was with Tony Pastor's Bowery 
house, after which he worked at the 
Greenwich Avenue Theatre, New York 
City, We neit find him at the Bowery 
Garden, 113 Bowery, (now torn down) 
where he worked for three years.- It was 
then- known sstbe Novelty Theatre. He 
then bobbed np at Jack Abie's Eighth 
Avenue Theatre, then to Miner's Bowery 
and in 1SS1 we find him- at Miner's 
Eighth Avenue Theatre; from there to 
theAJhan<bra.a;th street and 6th avenue. 
In 1881, he once more goea to Miner's 
alj|l>itt Avenue Theatre; from there to 
Niblo's, in 1 us 3 : then to Peoples, where 
he remained until 1893 He then took 
Imro Foi on the road, and later, ''Mr. 
Potter, of Texas" After coming back 
from the road be took charge of Ihe 
Star Theatre, Brooklyn, and when the 
season closed, went to Terrace Garden 
Music Hal] for summer season. Again 
joined H. C. Miner's forces, taking charge 
oftheadvertisingatboth house*, Miner's 
Bowery and People* 
"Biff" was never idle. Every summer 

* him ■« 

1 Ibe 11 

He also did all the advertising for Sulli- 
van, in every fight he had at the Madison 
SquareGarden.andalsotorCorbett. H« 
did the advertising for Huber for his 
Prospect Ball, and many other affairs of 
great magnitude. 

Mr. Clark is blessed wUb a charming 
wife and a happy family of four boys and 
a girl, who are alt proud of their popular 
papa Mrs. Clark was before marriage, 
Daisy Norwood, a talented and pretty 
— L - J '— ' e of ihe 

so fat as to write a roasting letter con- 

. Now, this grizzly bear may have 
some local connection with this chewing 
gum, Tor it cornea, I believe, from Cult 
fornia, a State which, if I remember 
light, accords the griczly some official 
o the average mind the 

There is nothing about the bear that is 

Tom Henry, . of the Walnut Street 
Theatre. Philadelphia, says his town is 
lively now, and that it requires him 19 
be ou the go all the lime to keep up 
with the procession. It is whisperer! 
that Tom is cultivating football hair, so 
as to be ready for a tussle at all times. 

1,500,000.00 PEOPLE 

Viewing Morn ins. Noon and Night, 

i 129 Square Miles 

Of Advertising- Space In the 'City of Fomsi." 
Controlled Exclusively by THE 

8.000 AmericanBillPostingCo. 110.000 

m Sttnai i Ph.la4nlpb.ia. Pa., u. s. ». w j 3-Sheet Boards 


The Rochester Bill Posting Co., 


Bill Posters, Distributers and Exterior Advertisers. 

No. 16 and i M Mill Street. ROCHE5TER, N. V. 


I Posters, Disributers and Exterior Advertisers, 

No. 10 North Park Row. ERIE. PA. 

News prosiJM Fairs. £ 


in these departments, and that each not compelled m compile. Some of the 

society offer a special premium for the societies have adopted a rule instructing 

best genital display by professionals. In committees to pass without award all 

the boys and girls' department, I would articles which in their judgement are on- 

recommend that a third premium be worthy. All who have tried this rule 

offered, even if the total premiums be are ready to pronounce it a failure. The 

not increased. I would reduce the first committees will not enforce it and it is 

and second so as to make the third We hardly fair to expect it of them. In vie w 

years ago, and we of this fact, I would re 

o believe, that immediate 

should be made, and the same care in 
appropriating tbe premiums, to the bes! 
and most profitable breeds, should be ex- 
ercised. I would also recommend the found that it pleased the little folks very of the conditions of entry 
abolishing of the sweepstake premiums, much, and that our entries in there de- where no entry fee is charged, be I 
in all the departments. This premium, partments were more than doubled last all articles without compeliton beenli 
at the best is unfair, and unjust, and al- year. The amount of premiums™ these to 50 per cent of first premium only, 
ways creates a great deal of dissatisfsc- two departments is not of as much im- 
tion. The premiums on all the agricul- portance as the nm 

and thorough 1 
One of the main points ti 

tural products should be increased, and 
I would urge societies that have not al- 
ready made the rule, to require 1 

~ ' i J" ,? ale „'r clcs shown in this class to be grow 
into consideration, ts the distribution of ^ ^ „„ ,„ 

tbe premiums "in such a mBnner as to 
draw the best display, fiat will iaiere; 
the public, and althe same time prcdui 
the best results to the exhibitor I 
order to do this our premium lista mm 

ed, be it 

ei and encourages the exhibitors, and 
they are the ones upon which will de 
pend the display at future fairs.V I have 
given you my opinion regarding classes 
and departments upon which premiums 

ken by 

it is placed upon 

For several years past 1 > 
general decline in the intei 
the people in agricultural f 
deal of this, I believe, ts do 
that the premiums offered 
and agiicultural departmei 
been large enough We ai 

upqn them for a vt ry Urge part, in fret wllilt , ^ nol 

: .rly all of the ^'J^'Tli^ lne """"P" 1 P«* •f~'«^M.Io-., « d that it is perfectly proper.and in fact an 
I find that some of our premium lists oaT in lllal lliml i OB cannot es8erl ,jal feature, to have a display of 

have not been umv My he overdo*.. farm machinery at an agricultural' fair. I 

SJZZmlt .Tactui v."e of the I - well aware that a great many fair do insist upon a « 7- 

?™ BlCh "^_ "'A' "Vh' wtenttUet manager will claim that they cannot will no doubt agree with me. that since 


The Miami and Mad River Valley As- 
sociation elected officers at Springfield, 
Ohio, and fixed the following dates: 
Mechantcsbnrg, August 6 and 9. 
Greene, August 13 and 16. 
Champaign, August 20 and 13. 


August 27 a 

As an illustration, I will 
ic horse department, and what 
istrneoftbis department will apply to 
nearly all of the v. " 

1 be examination of ten premium lists 
f last year's fairs showspremiums offered 
0 the amount of nearly (400 for best dis 

Madison, September 10 and 13 
Unioa, September 17 and 20. 
Miami. September 23 and 77. 
Logan, October 1 and .1. 
Richwood, October 8 and 1 r. 

Omaha will have the 
Alexandria, Teno., 

;e Fair for the 

swelled An increase of $400 in the pre- 
mium lists of any one ol our lairs after 
deducting the 40 per cent, paid by the 
state, would leave a net cost to the society 
of ,240. and, if it is the practice of the 

bor« is concerned. The horse market manager, will ctaim that they 
of to-day clearly shows that fine dtiver= to increase premiums, that 'hey 

. ',,,_„ are the most profitable now have all they can possibly do to - - 

hoLstobreed Among .be leaner, of make both end. meet. etc. This point I greed among themselves not to exhibit 
t™e a?.V:onld mention tbe Hackney, believe .0 be poorly taken, „ i, is a wej, at anv of our fair* our display. i„ this 
the French and tbe German Csach, and known fact that whenever a liberal in- H n e have been a farce. The few plows, 
the Cleveland Bays. Notwithstanding crease, in the deser.iug classes, haa been drags, etc , which are usually exhibited 
these facts, many of the fairs either ett- made, it ias at the same time [Dnwt b y the local dealers, are not worth a dol- 
tirely ignore these classes, or offer pre- 
miums so insignificant that tbe owners 
ortbeseauinialsdo not thiult it worth 
while to compete for them. And again I 
find, that it Is tbe practice ofsomeof tbe\ 
fairs to make little or no distinction in 
the amount of premiums offered, between 
the pure bred animal and the common 
grades. This I also believe to be an er- 
ror. It might be necessary to do this 
years ago, to insure a display, but 1 
pure bred animals 

Association " 
have elected officers, and will hold their 
Fair, September 19, 20 and 11. 

The Taawell County Agiicultural Soc- 
iety has decided to hold their Pair at 
Detavan, 111 , September 10 to 11 

Fort Worth, Tex will hold an exposi- 
tion next year, in commemeration of Its 
fiftieth anniversary. 

The Cr 

cneville, I 

Next Fair will 

-ashtenavr Count 

instance where we might economi 
Tbe manufacturers of these goods c 
afford and will exhibit them without t 

lit fact I have sirneiiniea thought, that 
in certain localities, the premiums on 
common grades should be entirely sbol- 
isbed, as 1 am unable to see the benefit 
to be derived by eoccu raging the raising 
of the same. The cattle department also 
deutves our particular attentiou. Wis 
cousin stands to-day in the front rank of 
dairy producing slates, and it is the July 
of agricultural societies to pay particular 
attention to this department. The cow 

the stock department, particularly, I 
would recommend the collection of a ten 
per cent, entry fee, for it bas a tendency 
to keep out a class of slock that does not 
aid the exhibition. In all the other de- 
partments, the premiums usually offered 
with but a few exceptions, I believe to be 
fully adequate. 
In the 

chants with their various displays, also 

' and decided to hold the next Pair, Sep- . 
tember 14 to 27. 

The New Hampshire State Grange Fair 
Association held is annual meeting at 
Concord, elected the old board except 

_ in menu, I wish to make one 
suggestiou. It appears 10 bethecuslom 

of most ol the societies to pay a premium 
of from one dollar to two dollars for fitst 
premium and about fifty cents to one 
that produces tbe most and the richest dollar for the second premium. This 
milk is the most valuable, and too much affords a splenued opportunity to profes- 
cannotbedonc in the interest of this sionals who make i,t a business to follow 
claaa of animals. the fairs and exhibit their goods. Of 

An increase of fifty per cent in pre- late years this has been done to a consid- 
miunis offered to milk producing cattle, erable extent, and while it ia true that 
by the fairs of the stale of Wisconsin, they make a splendid display, itia hard- 
will result in lasting benefit lotbeentire ly fair to the local ladies It has a ten- 
community. In the swine and sheep de- dency to discourage them, and thereby 
Ute real object of the society ia thwarted. 

The society that erects and maintains The next Fair will be held at Tilton, 

a building for their use, and furnishes September 1. ton. 

from 1.000 to to,oco people daily during Mendota. Ill, Fair Association will 

the fair to examine and inspect these have > summer race meeting, July g, to. 

goods, does more for them than the small ti and ta. 

premium we can afford to ; offer ! They Montgomery County, K.A. Agricultural 

themselves, I believe are willing that we „ ilt hoM mj s Je „' s [aiT> Septem- 

ahould use this money elsewhere, espec- herj 4 5 and 6. 

tally .0 if we can demonstrate ,0 them SmMMm m ^ to , eud in 

tli ... inn it;c it to 111- reibc the attend- , lt 

„"e 1 .„ .1.0 of H. opWo. tt.l tbe ft**" ** 
various societies of the slate pay ont 

annually, quite a large sum of money to The Denver branch of the Education. 

- - Association are making great prepara- 
lolding the convention of the 
ales there in July. 

that in fifteen classes of our premium tions for holding 

list last year, consisting of 513 different United 1 States the 

lots, there were 1 1 J lone entries, without A movement is 

ipetitiou whatever, which of toward the buldtn 

course, received first pretninm It 
to presume that the same ratio will ap- 
ply to other fair. demonstrates 

fair hall in Denver, as they expect to have at 

Publishers* Corner. 

offer 10 bill posters has been so pro- 
nonneed, that we have decided to reduce 
tile rale. Hereafter M -will sell twelve 
Uiree months' subscriptions for one dol- 
lar. Those bdl posters who have not 
as yet tried the efficiency of their journal 
as a solicitor should avail themselves o; 
this great offer wit boot turlier delay. It 
stimulates interest in the billboard^ 

new adherents to this form of adterlis- 

December, 1894, 
January, 1895. 
February, 189s, 

directly interested in poster advertising. 
Secondly, it is read carefully, and then 
as carefully filed away for futnre refer- 
ence. Thirdly, thewidely' varying chor- 
al' 71 of its subscribers places it upon a 
par with any publication catering* only 

Billboard ^dv e i-t'=ll3- 

This Journal Free — Present subscrib- 
er* to this journal m ay obtain their own 
copy for auothei year free by doing a 
little work among their friends- If yon 
will show this copy to vonr friends, and 
send us five subscriptions at ninety cents 
each, we will send yon the journal a year 
as payment for yot 


ra are stricken from the list at the 

visits of this publication. 

I i I 

Newsdealers thronghont the country 
take subscriptions for this publication 
If you are an occasional buyer of the 
journal, bnt prefer to have it sent regu- 
larly to your address by mail, send your 
subscription direct to ns or hand it to 

Pop ulatio n 75. 000 

Finest Bill Posting 'Plant- - 
in the South-West. 

More Boards and the Best Located ol any City in the Country. 
We know the value of advertising and always strive lor results. 
In making up your iist, don't lorget Evansville. 




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